Princess Mary has perfected the royal curtsey

Bianca Soldani
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After 14 years in the Danish monarchy, Princess Mary has well and truly perfected her royal curtsey.

The Australian was a central part of the celebrations for her husband Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday at the weekend, and was seen doing the most elegant dip to the Queen.

As she and the birthday boy entered the hall for the epic party, his mum Queen Margrethe greeted them both with a warm kiss on each cheek, which was immediately followed by a low curtsey on Mary’s part.

She was seen in a low curtsey. Photo: Getty

It’s a sign of respect the world’s newest royal Meghan Markle, also had to show to the Queen of England on her wedding day.

After signing the registry at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, the newly titled Duchess of Sussex was obliged to bend her knees for Queen Elizabeth before she and Harry could officially walk out of there as man and wife.

Who is required to curtsey to whom is extremely hierarchical and depends on your rank in the royal family and whether you were born into it or married in.

The event was hosted by the Frederik’s mother, Queen Margrethe. Photo: Getty

In the British monarchy, women who aren’t of royal blood adopt their husband’s rank when he’s present, but sink down a few rungs if they’re on their own.

So, according to royal expert Christopher Wilson, Meghan will have to curtsey to Harry’s cousins Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice if she’s on her own. However, if Harry is by her side, Eugenie and Beatrice will curtsey to her.

Meghan will also have to bend her knees and bow her head to her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, and step mother-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles, as they are both future queens.

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