Princess Mary and family move out of palace in Danish capital

Princess Mary, her husband, Crown Prince Frederik and their four children have moved out of their home at Amalienborg Palace in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

The royal brood has relocated to Fredensborg Palace, a grand countryside retreat about 40 minutes north of Copenhagen, to make the most of the northern spring and summer.

Princess Mary, her husband, Prince Frederik and their four children Prince Christian, 15, Princess Isabella, 14, and 10-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine
Princess Mary, her husband, Prince Frederik and their four children have relocated to Fredensborg Palace for the summer. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus.

As per tradition, the family-of-six will see out the warmer months at Chancellery House located on the extensive grounds of Fredensborg Palace.

The Palace is the most-used of the royal residences and is located on the island of Zealand near the picturesque Lake Esrum.


Chancellery House holds a lot of memories for the Danish royals. It was the private home of Prince Frederik's late grandmother, Queen Ingrid before her death in 2000.

Newlyweds Frederik and Mary lived there after their 2004 wedding until renovations were completed at Amalienborg Palace in 2010. They also held their wedding reception at Fredensborg Palace.

Danish flags flutter in front of Fredensborg Palace in Fredensborg, Denmark
Fredensborg Palace is located about 40 minutes north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Photo: Getty Images. (OLAFUR STEINAR GESTSSON via Getty Images)

Birthday princess

Not long after settling in at Chancellery House, it was time for the royal family to celebrate Frederik and Mary's eldest daughter, Princess Isabella's 14th birthday.

A trio of sweet snaps were posted on the royal family's Instagram account on Wednesday to mark the princess' special day.

The caption revealed that the pics, which show Isabella smiling and playing with a dog, were 'taken in the spring sun at the Chancellery'.

Princess Isabella poses for a photo on her 14th birthday
Princess Isabella celebrated her 14th birthday at the Danish royal's spring residence. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus.

It also stated that the princess would be spending the day privately with her parents and her three siblings: Prince Christian, 15, and 10-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Princess Isabella's grandmother, Queen Margrethe also rang in her 81st birthday at Chancellery House on April 16.

Next up on the royal agenda is Prince Christian's confirmation which is scheduled for May 15 at Fredensborg Palace Church, where his younger sister Isabella was christened 10 years earlier.

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