Princess Diana's 'naughty' birthday card up for auction

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When it comes to picking a birthday card, many people like to have a bit of fun and pick something set to make the recipient laugh, and it seems Princess Diana was no different.

Giving us a glimpse into late royal’s humorous side, a rather cheeky birthday card has been put up for auction that is believed to have been a gift from Diana to her close friend and accountant Anthony Burrage, known as Tony. 

Princess Diana’s humorous side gets revealed cheeky birthday card. Source: Getty

Posted anonymously to the LA celebrity auction site Julien’s Auctions, the card – assumed to be from the ’90s – features a cartoon image of Sleeping Beauty underneath a comment that reads, “A little prick in the hand sent Sleeping Beauty to sleep”.

The card is up for auction on LA site Julien’s Auctions. Source: Julien’s Auctions

However, as you turn the page, you get the rest of the punchline which reads, “Only the big ones are worth staying awake for!”

Inside the card is also a hand-written message signed by Diana.

“Tony…A belated Happy Birthday for the 5th! From Diana.”

Inside the card is a cheeky punchline and a handwritten message from Princess Diana. Source: Julien’s Auctions

While the current auction price stands at $250, the final value is expected to reach up to $800-$1200. 

It’s described on the site as, “A humorous birthday card with ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on the cover, handwritten in black felt pen by HRH Princess Diana: ‘Tony, A belated Happy Birthday for the 5th, from, Diana.’ Tony refers to Anthony Burrage, accountant and trusted employee of HRH Princess Diana.”

Meanwhile speaking to The Mirror, the owner revealed, “I know that Diana liked to send humorous cards, but I haven’t seen any quite this naughty, so for me, it really shows that she was a fun human being that could share some dirty jokes with her closest friends.”

“This is a secret card that has been kept hidden for many years. A true gem for anyone that is a fan of this special human being,” they added.

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