Princess Diana's butler's warning for Meghan

Meghan Markle ‘should be careful what she wishes for’ after marrying Prince Harry and becoming a fully fledged member of the royal family.

That’s according to Paul Burrell, who worked as Princess Diana’s butler from 1987 until her death a decade later and has warned the Duchess she may struggle with giving up her freedom. 

“Meghan has just joined the biggest soap opera in the world and just landed the biggest role of her life as an actress,”  Paul Burrell told Yahoo in an interview on ‘The Royal Box‘.

Paul was often right behind Princess Diana. Photo: Getty

“She did want to be famous, she’s got everything that she wanted, but I also think ‘be careful what you wish for’ because sometimes it’s not all that it seems.

“Diana found that out, at an early age. To be a royal princess sometimes, losing your anonymity, losing that freedom, that’s a big ask for any woman in today’s society.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t believe that the Queen and the royals haven’t learnt an important lesson since the days of Diana, and it shows in the drama currently playing out with Meghan’s dad Thomas.

He doesn’t think the palace has learnt enough since Diana’s times. Photo: Yahoo/Getty

“There’s no protocol for people like Thomas Markle, or in-laws,” Paul Burrell said. “People that marry into the royal family are lost at sea.”

“They are keeping Meghan safe but what about all the people in her world on the fringes?”

When asked if he thinks the palace have tried to reach out to Mr Markle, Burrell said: “I don’t think they’ve learnt that lesson yet.”

Watch the full episode below, including the full interview with Paul Burrell; plus royal expert Camilla Tominey and historian Prof. Kate Williams discuss how the Cambridges are trying to give their children a normal upbringing; and why Buckingham Palace is falling out of favour and Kensington Palace is becoming the new royal seat of power.

He thinks Meghan will cope better than Diana did. Photo: Getty

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