Unseen Diana letter eerily hints at Harry's exit

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Princess Diana wrote a letter to her sons that rings truer today than ever. Photo: Getty Images

An unseen letter from the late Princess Diana has surfaced this morning and contains an eerie foreshadowing of what was to come for her youngest son.

In the wake of Prince Harry’s high-profile exit from senior royal life, former royal butler to Diana, Paul Burrell shared the never before seen extract from a personal letter that seems to speak directly to the Duke of Sussex’s decision.

“As Harry, Meghan and Archie embark on a new life, I am reminded of some poignant words which Princess Diana wrote to me many years ago,” Paul captioned a snap of the handwritten letter.

“They are a mother’s words of unconditional love which are as appropriate today as they were when she wrote them over 24 years ago.”

The words themselves are transcribed by the former employee of Diana, and ring uncomfortably true as Paul says, over two decades later.

“I love my boys to death and hope that the seeds I’ve planted will grow and bring the strength, knowledge and stability that is needed,” Diana wrote in the letter.

The ‘seeds’ referred to can easily be linked to Diana’s decision to leave the Royal Family and pursue an independent life that was tragically cut short.

Prince Harry and Meghan announced they would step back from royal life in January. Photo: Getty Images

On Meghan and Harry’s website Sussex Royal, the pair explicitly refer to their desire for privacy, and to raise Archie outside of the spotlight, as well as to pursue their own charity endeavours.

It’s not the first time Harry has fulfilled this wish of his mother’s.

Last year the Prince made headlines when he retraced his mother’s iconic footsteps through a then-partially-cleared Angolan minefield site 22 years ago.

Harry returned to revisit the area which is now a thriving suburban community, and spend time sitting beneath a tree planted for his mother, on a bench dedicated to her memory.

Harry and Meghan have relocated to Canada with son Archie after a dramatic few weeks saw the ‘Megxit’ deal thrashed out.

Controversy surrounded the pair’s move after it became apparent the decision was announced without Buckingham Palace’s green light.

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