Princess Diana’s frosted manicure is about to be everywhere this season

Princess Diana’s frosted manicure is about to be everywhere this season

It appears one royal in particular is inspiring an aristocratic trend in manicures this fall season. British beauty experts from Fresha London have revealed that Princess Diana’s signature frosted pearl shade will be the one women will be clamoring for in the coming months.

This is due, in part, to the upcoming final season of Netflix’s hit show “The Crown”. Fresha London also analyzed hundreds of TikTok and Instagram videos to conclude that the pearlescent shade will reign supreme on the fingers of royals and commoners alike.

The always chic and trendsetting Princess Di, who frequently sported a French manicure overlaid with a frosty white hue, is still inspiring beauty trends more than 20 years after her passing.

It’s an especially good shade for moms who are looking for a no-fuss mani that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Mom of three, Victoria Beckham and singer Selena Gomez, have shown their support for the elegant shade as they’ve both recently been spotted with milky white tips.

According to the data, nails should be rounded and short and painted one color—ideally nude or white—and be short, with a chrome hue proving the most popular top layer.

Going for an understated and natural base is the norm, the research shows, with 20% of creators choosing nude, while the second-most popular color was white (featured in 11% of posts), and one in ten (10%) opted for a french manicure instead.

Similarly ‘glazed’ nails have dominated TikTok over the last year with more than 66 million views, having been popularized by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

“If you want to add a touch of class, consider adding a pearlescent topcoat to a French manicure, just like Diana, as it’s a great way to modernize the classic go-to—especially if you’re attending a wedding or need some neutral proposal nails,” explain the experts at Fresha London. “And while we’d expect some shades to remain a staple this fall, we also predict that the Royals will be a source of inspiration for many who’ll be watching the final season of ‘The Crown’ this November.”

How to get the frosted manicure look

The experts reveal how to pull off Diana’s layered look—and stress the importance of choosing a base color that matches your skin’s undertones.

  • Consider your undertones when choosing a nude polish. For those aiming for a ‘frosty’ look, picking the right base color is key, otherwise, your manicure may make you look washed out. Warm tones should opt for warm undertones (such as peach instead of straight white), while cool undertones may want to go for a greyer white.

  • Apply one layer at a time and leave plenty of time to dry. When mastering a layered look like Diana’s frosted pearl manicure, you want to ensure that every layer is fully dry before adding the next. Otherwise, you may notice your end result is bubbled or creased or smushes entirely when touched.

  • Use your pearlescent topcoat sparingly. The key to mastering the ‘frosted’ look is to avoid layering the pearlescent coat, otherwise, the luster will become too opaque, and the French tip or nude base beneath will disappear. Less is more—and you can always add additional coats if you’re unhappy with the first pass.