Even Princess Beatrice can't resist Justin Trudeau

Sarah Carty

He’s one of the most-loved politicians in the world, who seems to charm everyone he meets.

And it seems like Princess Beatrice has been taken in by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as she appeared totally enthralled with the 46-year-old last night.

The 29-year-old princess was pictured standing alongside Justin and her father, Prince Andrew, at The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

Princess Beatrice looks totally enthralled by Justin Trudeau at a Buckingham Palace event. Photo: Getty Images
She was pictured having a chat with the Canadian Prime Minister and her dad, Prince Andrew. Photo: Getty Images
They both looked enthralled by what Justin was saying. Photo: Getty Images

And while the charismatic Prime Minister looked to be cracking jokes left, right and centre, Princess Beatrice gazed in his direction, looking totally bewitched.

The princess, who broke up with her partner of ten years, Dave Clark, last year, wasn’t the only one at the event who was enchanted by the dashing Prime Minister.

Prince Andrew was roaring with laughter at something Justin said and Prince Charles also seemed to be totally enamored with him.

Even the Queen looked like she was hypnotized by Justin when they were pictured shaking hands at the event.

The Queen also looked totally taken by Justin Trudeau. Photo: Getty Images
Prince Charles is also a massive fan of the Prime Minister's. Photo: Getty Images

Justin Trudeau appeared to be flying solo in London, with his wife Sophie nowhere to be seen.

It’s possible she stayed at home in Canada to take care of the couple’s three children, 10-year-old Xavier, nine-year-old Ella-Grace and four-year-old Hadrien.

She was also pictured giving a speech at the Women in The World Summit in New York last Saturday,

During a press conference, Justin was asked who he thinks should succeed the Queen as the head of the Commonwealth.

“I very much agree with the wishes of Her Majesty that the Prince of Whales be the next head of the Commonwealth," he said.

Justin arrives looking slick in a black suit for the event. Photo: Getty Images

A reporter then questioned the Prime Minister on whether or not he was upset that he wasn't invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next month.

“I of course wish them the very best but I have important responsibilities elsewhere," he said.

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