Queen's diary under 'constant review' following doctor's orders to rest

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The Queen's diary will be 'carefully examined' and under 'constant review' into 2022 after doctors gave her orders to rest.

Royal sources are saying they have been instructed to take a 'careful and cautious' approach when planning Her Majesty's commitments.

The Queen in pink outfit
The Queen's diary will be under 'constant review' to ensure she's not overworking herself after doctors ordered her to rest. Photo: Getty

Palace officials will create engagements for the Queen based on how she's feeling and whether she would need to travel or not.

According to reports by The Mirror, there will be 'greater collaboration' between senior members of the royal family on future engagements.


"The senior royals as a unit have collectively discussed a greater need for collaboration in their projects together, whether that is explicitly working on the same topic or supporting each other on an ad-hoc basis, different plans will be drawn up to the ones that currently exist," a source said.

"After the coronavirus restrictions have ended they all feel the need to get out and do more. The Queen is aware of the need to rest and that is what she is doing now. No doubt she will be back when she feels ready."

Royal editor for The Times and Sunday Times Roya Nikkhah has said the Queen's packed schedule has "obviously left her pretty tired".

The Queen at Windsor Castle
The Queen on October 19 at a reception to mark the Global Investment Summit, at Windsor Castle. Photo: Getty

She added: "And it's not just the travel – it's also being on. It's also entertaining and hosting world leaders, talking to them about climate change and all of that – I think the feeling probably is that's just a little bit too much at the moment until she's back to full strength.

"I think there will be a reassessment and possibly a slight gear change in the kind of work the Queen does, the distances she travels, 

"I think we will still see her ... private secretaries and her diary secretaries looking at engagements that come in and thinking what does Her Majesty the Queen really need to be at, and what does she feel she really can do. So I think there will be a constant review going forwards now."

The Queen pulled out of a meeting with world leaders at the climate change gathering in Glasgow after being advised to rest. Instead, she recorded a video message for the summit.

Camilla, Charles, the Queen, William, Kate and Harry
According to reports there will be 'greater collaboration' between senior members of the royal family on future engagements. Photo: Getty

Palace sources said she "regretfully decided" not to travel but is in "good spirits".

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, the Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter said: "Given that there are reported to be 30,000 people pouring into Glasgow for this particular conference I think it's been the palace and her medical team being safer than sorry."

The Sun reported this week the Her Majesty was forced to give up horse riding two months ago as she was suffering "discomfort". 

A Balmoral source said: “She was in quite a bit of discomfort. She adores riding and it has been part of her ritual for most of her life.

"She has been extremely disappointed not to go riding since the beginning of September.”

However, insiders insist the Queen has refused to give up her favourite pastime and will return after rest and recuperation.

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