Prince Harry's very bizarre habit that is driving Meghan insane

Apparently Prince Harry is “obsessed” with turning the lights off in his home, and it’s something Meghan is still getting used to.

The 34-year-old royal has admitted he’s always making sure his cottage home in Kensington Palace doesn’t have too many lights on, and says he inherited the “small habit” from his environmentally conscious father Prince Charles.

“He’s a stickler for turning lights off. And that’s now something that I’m obsessed with as well,” Harry said, speaking alongside his brother Prince William for the new BBC One documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70.

Meghan isn’t used to Harry’s habit yet. Photo: Getty

Meghan took some time to convince

Harry’s habit has now even been picked up by his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Although she didn’t understand the quirk before moving in with him.

“Which is insane because actually you know, I don’t know whether your wife doesn’t, my wife certainly goes, ‘Well why turn the lights off? You know its dark’. I go, ‘We only need one light, we don’t need like six’,” he said to William during the documentary.

But despite 37-year-old Meghan – who is pregnant with the couple’s first child – not understanding Harry’s obsession, he’s glad his father taught him to be conscious about his energy usage, because it’s a “small habit change” that can make a difference to the world’s carbon footprint.

“All of a sudden it becomes a habit and those small habit changes he’s making, every single person can do. And I think it’s one of the key lessons that he taught us,” he said.

Harry is glad his father Prince Charles taught him about the environment. Photo: Getty

Prince Charles’ concerns

Meanwhile, Prince Charles recently said he was concerned for the future of his grandchildren – including Harry and Meghan’s unborn tot, as well and William and Catherine’s three children Prince George, five, Princess Charlotte, three, and Prince Louis, six months – because of the planet’s growing pollution problem.

“I am about to have another grandchild actually. I suspect quite a few of you may too have grandchildren or will do soon,” he said, speaking whilst in Ghana.

“It does seem to me insanity if we are going to bequeath this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world to them. All grandchildren deserve a better future.”

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