Meghan and Harry 'speed up plans to leave Britain'

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Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly want out of the UK. Photo: Getty

Whether they are on the hunt for a new home in California, or thinking about staying in Africa for an extended period of time, according to various reports it seems Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle are desperate to get out of Britain.

It is a real fear among friends of the Duke and Duchess, according to the Daily Mail, that the pair may be preparing to head abroad.

And it all stems from their decision to go against Prince Charles’ plans for them to run an estate in Herefordshire, near the Welsh Borders.

Apparently, land there had been earmarked for Harry long ago by the Prince of Wales, but friends say much has changed since then.

“They were expecting Harry would marry a Sloaney nursery teacher who would love nothing more than running an estate. Fast forward to 2019, and that dream seems deeply old-fashioned, not to mention unrealistic,” a source told the publication.

Add to that the fact both Harry and Meghan have faced a barrage of criticism for various things recently, including their expensive renovations of Frogmore Cottage, as well as a host of private jet flights, friends claim the pair are now in “victim mode”.

“[They] do not feel they need to change their actions, but rather, change the people around them and possibly even the country they call home. They have no wish, for the moment, to take on a stuffy shooting estate,” the report continued.

The royal couple have face a lot of criticism in Britain over the past 12 months. Photo: Getty

Meghan sets her sights on Malibu

At almost the same time, a separate report claimed the Duke and Duchess may be preparing to move abroad with Los Angeles, California, the likely option.

According to The Express, they are house hunting in the celebrity enclave of Malibu because Meghan is ‘homesick'.

Harry and Meghan might find a home on the Californian coast. Photo: Getty

Edmund Fry, 79, is an LA cafe owner, who first met Meghan when he taught her royal etiquette at his English tea room, and claims the former Suits actress definitely ‘misses home’.

“Meghan is a Los Angeles girl, born and raised here with many links to Hollywood and friends here,” Edward, who moves in high society circles in the UK and USA and is still connected to Meghan through mutual friends, claimed.

“It is possible to live stress-free and out of the glare of publicity here. LA and California are so huge, it is easy to escape to places with your family and just blend in with everyone.”

Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu, California. Photo: Getty

Rumours swirl Harry and Meghan are set to leave UK

Back in April, speculation began to mount that Harry and Meghan would be sent on a far-flung posting in a bid to position the limelight back on the Cambridge family.

“In some ways it would suit William to get his brother out of the country for a few years and Meghan as far away as possible,” a friend of the princes told The Sunday Times.

The talk followed nearly a year of rumblings of a feud between the royal couples - something that has only been spurred on by the Sussexes’ move to Windsor and earlier choice to break away and separate their royal household from the Cambridges’.

Meghan and Harry are keen to keep Archie out of the spotlight. Photo: Getty

Prince Harry 'often thought about leaving his family and moving to Africa'

Angela Levin, author of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, says the young royal once wanted a different life for himself.

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ she said: “He had often thought about leaving the royal family and going off to Africa and looking after animals. That obviously hasn’t happened yet.

“I don’t think Meghan would quite like that now. Now he’s married, he’s got an established family, they’re very tight together and he wants to do his own thing.”

Recent reports have suggested the couple could spend up to six months at a time living in Africa over the next two to three years, as part of a sabbatical.

Harry and Meghan famously enjoyed five-night camping trip to Botswana’s plains after just two dates, with the stay acting as a backdrop to where they first fell in love.

Meghan’s engagement ring’s main diamond was sourced from Botswana when Harry popped the question just 18 months later.

Years before that, Harry spent a gap year in in Lesotho in 2004, while Meghan journeyed to Rwanda in 2016 as part of a trip with World Vision.

The prince also once credited the continent with allowing him to feel ‘more like myself than anywhere else in the world’.

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