Prince Harry flies long-haul economy after private jet saga

Holly Hales
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Prince Harry was spotted in premium economy by another passenger. Photo: Instagram/Victoria Secret

Prince Harry has flown economy home from the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo, months after he and hs wife, Meghan Markle, were slammed for using four private jets in 11 days.

The change of transport follows a stream of criticism aimed at the royal couple, who at the time were encouraging followers to curb their carbon emissions.

But now Harry seems to have taken the criticism on board and opted to sit amongst his subjects during an 11-hour flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to London Heathrow on Sunday.

However, the trip would have still seemed luxe to many, as the prince appeared to opt for the premium economy section of the plane.

Royals, they’re just like us

Harry’s jaunt was papped by Irish drag queen, Victoria Secret, who snapped a picture of the royal and posted it on Instagram.

In the photo the new dad is seen smiling and chatting to passengers after what was likely a disappointing weekend for him, after England lost to South Africa in the World Cup’s final match.

Victoria later shared her exciting encounter on Twitter, telling followers she “can confirm he is a beaut”.

“Sitting across from Prince Harry on our flight to Tokyo,” she wrote. Nearly fell off my seat when he came on board.”

“100 per cent telling the truth. Shook. There's also a tonne of rugby beauts on board. Every flight after this is going to disappoint me.”

Jetting around

In August, Harry and Meghan were the subject of widespread criticism for travelling to Ibiza and the South of France in separate private jets for holidays less than two weeks apart.

Each journey by private jet would have emitted six times more carbon dioxide than a commercial flight.

Weeks earlier, Prince Harry travelled to the Google summit in Sicily by private jet where he gave a speech about climate change, while barefoot.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were criticised for their excessive private jet travel earlier this year. Photo: Getty

In Meghan’s guest edited issue of British Vogue, Harry also discussed environment, responsibility and climate change with primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, 85.

In the interview, the duke explained why it’s important to wake up to the “the damage and the destruction that we’re (humans are) causing.”

He also said that he and Meghan only plan to have “two children, maximum” to help protect the planet.

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