Prince Harry fixing Meghan's hair for her is melting hearts everywhere

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s clear the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have brought a breath of fresh air to the royal family, with the many tender moments of the couple the world has seen, at their various public appearances.

However, one tender moment from Meghan Markle’s launch for her charity cookbook may just top all of their other public displays of affection.

Harry, being the doting husband he is, fixed up Meghan’s hair for her after an unexpected gust of wind came along.

Prince Harry made sure Meghan Markle didn’t have a hair out of place, quite literally, at her cookbook launch. Source: Instagram/Harry Meghan Updates

The 34-year-old lovingly patted his wife’s hair down, to make sure everything was back as it should be.

Meghan, 37, went back to chatting to some other event-goers, but Harry, still doting on his wife, affectionately rested his chin on the duchess’ shoulders.

Harry also lovingly rested his head on Meghan’s shoulders. CAN’T DEAL. Source: Instagram/Harry Meghan Updates


Of course, this tender has melted the hearts of many – including ours.

At the launch of Meghan’s book, Together, Harry only had eyes for his wife in the tent full of crowded people, as he gazed adoringly at her, obviously extremely proud of her achievements.

The world can’t handle how Prince Harry looked at Meghan Markle in this photo. Source: Getty

Where can we find our Prince Harry? Advice gladly welcomed.

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