Harry's terse words to Meghan over royal gaffe

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A tense moment between Meghan and Harry was caught on camera. Photo: Getty Images

An embarrassing royal misstep from Meghan Markle has been caught on camera, and it was her hubby who gave her away.

While on the balcony at this year’s Trooping the Colour eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed a slightly tense moment between husband and wife, and it turns out it was all in the name of protocol.

Video footage shows the duchess with her back to the crowd talking to Prince Harry.

“Yes that’s right,” her husband says.

She then faces the front, but turns back again to say something, and this time he does not look impressed.

“Turn around,” a terse-looking Harry says. “Look.”

The Duchess abruptly swivels to the front, a neutral expression on her face.

It wasn't all fun and game on the royal balcony this year. Photo: Getty Images

It’s an unusual display from the usually loved-up couple, but it all makes sense as the strains of God Save the Queen, the British national anthem start playing.

During the anthem royals are expected to face forwards and participate, rather than chat amongst themselves.

Harry in fact saved his wife from the gaffe becoming more embarrassingly obvious.

That is if he was addressing Meghan at all.

Pulling the kids into line

Prince Harry is no stranger to misbehaving on the royal balcony. Photo: Getty Images

Royal watchers are divided over whether Harry was addressing his wife in such an unusually brusque manner, or whether his comments were directed at the royal children.

Famously pint-sized royals have a habit of demonstrating cheeky behaviour on the balcony.

Prince Harry himself was a major offender at one point, as a toddler he didn’t hold back from poking out his tongue and getting up to mischief.

The misstep from Meghan is the latest in a string of rumours which has arisen around the new mum, including that she is spending excessively and is having problems with her household staff.

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