Fans call out Harry and Meghan's 'embarrassing' social media gaffe

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a slip-up on social media. Photo: Getty Image.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have tongues wagging yet again and this time it’s over their most recent social media post.

On Monday, the couple posted a famous quote to their Instagram account, @sussexroyal, as they’ve been doing for several months so far.

This most recent quote is by late American poet, singer and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, and it’s an inspiring call-to-arms for women to support one another which echoes the duchess’ own beliefs.

“Each time a women [sic] stands up for herself without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women,” read Maya’s quote.

A royal proofreader

Despite the quote’s powerful message, the royal’s some 9.6 million followers have taken issue with the post - and it’s all over a typo.

Eagle-eyed fans zeroed in on a spelling error in the first few words - can you spot it?

The word ‘women’ should, in fact, be spelt ‘woman’ as many, many people pointed out in the comments section.

“Proofreading only takes a second but it’s always worth it,” wrote one.

“Who do I talk to about the ‘e’?” asked another.

Harry and Meghan make another basic gaffe in social media post. Photo: Instagram/sussexroyal.

“Each time a WOMAN stands up. Who writes these? #proofread,” chastised another.

“Woman is singular, women is plural, please fix first sentence, embarrassing!” pointed out one.

“Each time a ‘women’ ?????????” wrote another.

“Each time a ‘women’ stands up? Come on, you’re royalty. Please proofread,” demanded one.

“Please fix the spelling,” asked another.

“Who is checking the typing errors?” queried one.

Support for the Sussexes

Others have leapt to Harry and Meghan’s defence, asserting that it’s the quote’s message and not the spelling that should be the focus.

“That's all you do, look for gramatival [sic] error. I don't find anything wrong with a women (woman), I just interpret it like they mean that it may look like one person but in reality is many in one,” pointed out one.

“(S)He who has never had a typo on social media, cast the first stone..!” joked another.

“I absolutely adore all the positive things that you both are doing. Please keep this going,” praised one.

“Look at some of you more worried about the typo than the actual message. This is why us women can’t progress. You all find too much joy in tearing each other down,” argued another.

Can you spot the gaffe in Kensington Royal's Instagram story in celebration of '999 Day'? Photo: Instagram/kensingtonroyal.

Kate and Will’s royal faux-pas

It’s not the first time a royal has made a social media slip up that’s been spotted by millions.

Harry’s brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton made a glaringly obvious gaffe on their Instagram account back in September.

The slip-up was made in a photo shared to the @KensingtonRoyal account’s stories to celebrate 999 Day, which is held in honour of the country’s police, fire and emergency medical services.

The post, which features a photo of the Duke, 37, paying a visit to the Firefighters Charity at Harcombe House, outside of Exeter, contains a bit of a blooper - they’ve accidentally repeated the words “when we” twice.

And yes, we know it’s not the Cambridges themselves but a team of experts who run the account behind the scenes, but we still like to picture Wills asking wife Kate for help when picking out the perfect emoji to use.

At the time of publishing, the erroneous image was still live on the royals’ account.

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