Prince Charles is 'terribly sad' to be apart from his grandchildren during lockdown

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Prince Charles cannot wait for lockdown to be over so he can finally see his grandchildren again.

The 71-year-old has revealed he's "terribly sad" to be away from Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Archie.

Prince Charles has revealed he's "terribly sad" to be away from his grandchildren as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Photo: Getty

Speaking with Sky News for their series After the Pandemic: Our New World from his Aberdeenshire home of Birkhall, he said he is desperate to give his family a hug.

Charles also mentioned he was missing his father Prince Philip who will turn 99 next week.

When asked how he felt being "disconnected" from his family, he responded, "Well, it's terribly sad, let alone one's friends."

"But fortunately at least you can speak to them on telephones and occasionally do this sort of thing. But it isn't the same, is it? You really want to give people a hug," he said.

"I do totally understand so many people's frustrations, difficulties, grief and anguish."

Prince William and his family have been isolating in Norfolk and haven't seen Prince Charles in months. Photo: Getty

"I haven't seen my father for a long time,' he said. 'He's going to be 99 next week, so yes... or my grandchildren or anything."

"I've been doing the Facetime, which is all very well but..."

He added that he hopes families will be reunited soon, "I do hope so."

"I'm just trying to do my best to find and help and encourage ways to enable people to go on doing that, but in a way that doesn't wreck everything at the same time around us."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their son Archie have been isolating in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty

He continued, saying that the last two months had been "an unbelievably testing and challenging time", adding, "I know that so many people have had the agony of losing their loved ones and the bewilderment and anxiety that surrounds everything."

"We've seen at the same time people being quite remarkable and wonderful people in the National Health Service and all the other key workers who kept everything going."

He spoke about his own experience with coronavirus, saying, "I was lucky in my case and got away with it quite lightly. But I've had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through."

"I feel particularly for those who have lost their loved ones and have been unable to be with them at the time. That to me is the most ghastly thing."

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