Charles and Camilla slammed for laughing at Inuit throat singing

Sarah Carty

Prince Charles and Camilla have been criticized over their reaction to an Inuit throat singing performance during their trip to Canada.

The royal couple were in the country to celebrate its 150-year anniversary when they were treated to a show put on in their honour in Canada’s Arctic capital of Iqaluit.

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However the Duchess of Cornwall and her husband couldn’t contain their laughter as they broke down into a fit of giggles watching the traditional duet.

Charles and Camilla were pictured in a fit of giggles during their Canadian trip. Photo: Getty
They were treated to an Inuit throat singing performance. Photo: YouTube

The performance is known as Katajjaq to the Inuit people and is usually a duet between two women.

The ladies both face each other and battle to see who can last the longest by making rhythmic throat sounds.

The performance usually only comes to an end when one of the women runs out of breath, laughs or misses or a beat.

And while each performance only lasts about three minutes, it seems Camilla and Charles couldn’t hold it together for the duration of the battle.

Camilla glanced over at Charles, who was also laughing. Photo: YouTube

Wearing a mint green coat and a flowery headscarf, Camilla was the first to show signs of cracking, looking over at Charles to gauge his reaction.

And just like a pair of bold teenagers, they both then descended into knots of laughter.

While they may have enjoyed themselves during the performance, others on Twitter thought their attitude towards the singers was “uneducated and disrespectful”.

“Ugh Prince Charles and Camilla laugh during Inuit throat singing. How #notclassy of you,” one person said.

“They are rude enough to laugh at a folk singing performance. Poor,” another person said.

They have been slammed as

However others thought the whole thing was just a bit of fun and commended the royals for showing a sense of humour.

“Ok, the footage of Prince Charles and Camilla getting the giggles in Canada is priceless,” one perston said.

“Camilla and Charles laughing at the Inuit throat singers is hysterical,” another Twitter user said.

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