'Call the FBI': Bold stunt shames Prince Andrew outside Buckingham Palace

Penny Burfitt
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Prince Andrew is being humiliated with a very public stunt outside Buckingham palace. Photo: Getty Images

Irate prosecutors in the Jeffery Epstein case are making their feelings towards Prince Andrew known via a bold message emblazoned on a yellow school bus outside Buckingham Palace.

Commissioned by US lawyer Gloria Allred who is representing some of Epstein’s accusers in court, the bus was spotted on Friday UK time driving by the Palace with an unmissable sign on it’s side.

“If you see this man please ask him to call the FBI to answer their questions,” the sign reads, with two prominent photos of the royal on either side.

A yellow school bus with a message for the Britain's Prince Andrew, from US lawyer Gloria Allred, was spotted on The Mall by Buckingham Palace. Photo: AAP
The message slams Andrew over allegations he will not communicating with the FBI about former friend Epstein. Photo: AAP

The bus was intended to stir the royal family to action after Andrew came under fire for his reported lack of co-operation in the ongoing Jeffery Epstein criminal trial, with another lawyer on the case Geoffrey Berman saying that to date the prince has shown ‘zero co-operation’ with the FBI.

Gloria Allred directly appealed to the Prince outside the New York Supreme Court ahead of the bus stunt earlier the same day.

“My clients deserve the truth. They have been denied justice so many times over so many years, and there will be no justice without the truth. And there will be no truth unless Prince Andrew stops hiding from the FBI and from the public. This is unacceptable,” she told gathered press.

Gloria Allred appealed directly to Andrew to come forward. Photo: AAP

“I implore you, Prince Andrew. You must do the right thing and stop shaming your family – the Queen, your children. If you have done nothing wrong then just talk to the FBI.”

Calls for greater royal consequences

Many are calling for greater consequences for Prince Andrew. Photo: Getty Images

Though Andrew has been stood down from royal duties in the wake of the scandal, members of the public were dismayed when the Queen shared a lengthy tribute to her son via the official royal social media accounts during the week for his birthday.

Andrew’s relationship with Epstein has come under renewed scrutiny since he gave an interview to the BBC discussing their friendship.

He was accused of lacking empathy for Epstein’s victims and of failing to show regret over his friendship with the convicted sex offender.

The prince was also accused of sexual assault by one of the Epstein’s alleged victims.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre says she was trafficked by Epstein, and that she had several sexual encounters with Prince Andrew starting when she was 17. He denies the claims.

Meanwhile, royal watchers may have missed the bus memo as Harry and Meghan’s shocking Megxit deal was made public around the same time today, sparking huge public interest.

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