What is Prime and why is Logan Paul and KSI’s drink so expensive?

What is Prime and why is Logan Paul and KSI’s drink so expensive?

Sainsbury’s is now selling Prime drink, with the bottles limited to three per customer due to the extremely high demand.

Fans of KSI and Logan Paul have been spending far above the recommended retail price for Prime hydration drink, which is reportedly being sold at a Wakefield off-licence for £100 a bottle.

The drink has been so popular, particularly with children and teenagers, that it is being sold for 10 times its retail price on eBay – but that’s nowhere near the price that Wakey Wines claims it is selling it for.

The drink has been hyped since it was first made available in Asda: to prevent customers from buying bottles with the intention to resell them at astronomically high prices, Asda set a limit on the product to three per person.

Then, Aldi stores were left in chaos when shoppers lined up to get the Prime drink when it went on sale at the end of last year.

There is now even a tracker app that allows customers to verify stock before visiting stores.

So what is Prime drink and why are people willing to spend so much on it?

What is Prime drink?

The hydration drink was introduced by Logan Paul and KSI, together with the supplier and distributor, Congo Brands. The business was established earlier in 2022 and is available in both the UK and the US.

Available flavours include Meta Moon, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange and Grape, and the drink contains 10 per cent coconut water, 2g of sugar, 25 calories, 250 mg of BCAAs (which enhances muscle growth), 830 mg of electrolytes, as well as vitamins and antioxidants, according to the supplier.

Is Prime an energy drink?

There are two kinds of Prime energy drinks: Prime Hydration and Prime Energy.

The hydration version of Prime is not an energy drink as it does not contain caffeine nor does it contain sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with aspartame.

However, the Prime Energy drink obviously is, and contains 200mg of caffeine. For comparison, one mug of instant coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine, according to the NHS.

Consumers should be aware of which version they are buying, particularly if it's for a child or teenager.

Prime Energy is currently available in the US and will launch in the UK in April.

Where can you buy Prime Drink in the UK?

Sainsbury’s is now selling Prime Drink, including a limited edition KSI flavour. Drinks are limited to three per customer.

Prime Drink is also sold at Asda and Aldi, and local shops like Wakey Wines have also managed to get their hands on it.

It was previously available in Aldi’s special buy section for £1.99 and was limited to one per customer until stocks last due to extremely high demand.

The recommended retail price for a single bottle is £2 and a case of 12 online is listed at £24.99.

Why is Prime so expensive?

Due to the huge demand during its UK launch, it has been hard to get hold of the hydration drink, and this has pushed up prices.

On Twitter last year, KSI added that the beverage was being sold on the “black market”.

In a tweet, the YouTuber shared screenshots of bottles being sold for £15 on eBay and said: “This annoys me so much. We’re trying so hard to increase the supply as much as possible to try and combat the black-market selling.

“Me and Logan ain’t made any money from Prime. It’s all going back into the business to increase the supply. We’re trying people.”

Wakey Wines, an off-licence in Wakefield that has gone viral on TikTok, gained notoriety for allegedly selling Prime bottles for £100 each.

The shop’s owner, Mohammed Azar Nazir, posts clips of himself with his customers, boasting about how much they bought the drinks for.

Though it’s unclear whether people are genuinely buying Prime drinks for £100 a bottle, or whether it is purely a marketing stunt, stores elsewhere have been selling Prime at inflated prices.

One shop in Ayrshire has begun selling two flavours of the beverage for £12.50 – more than six times what Asda and Aldi are charging. While another shop in Surrey has vowed to stop selling the energy drink, after customers complained about the £10 cost.

One shop assistant who works at the shop told Surrey Live: “Deliveroo adds on a 42 per cent mark-up. Sales were very slow via Deliveroo, due to the high prices. Customers in the store could buy the drink for £10 last month. Some customers ask and it’s very expensive to stock, I don’t want to lose custom.

“My friend gave me one or two boxes. They cost me £8.50 per bottle, so I sold them for £10 each. So I don’t sell them any more. Other stores are still selling them. If you look on Amazon and eBay, they cost £20. I heard one shop in Hersham is selling for £14 a bottle.”

Who are Logan Paul and KSI?

Logan Paul and KSI are both YouTubers and the creators of Prime hydration drink.

American YouTuber Logan Paul has more than 23 million YouTube subscribers. He recently apologised for his CryptoZoo venture, which has so far failed to materialise, just days before it emerged that his former pet pig Pearl was rescued by a sanctuary after being found abandoned.

Meanwhile, British YouTuber KSI has 24 million subscribers and is also a rapper. His real name is Olajide Olatunji, but fans know him as KSI, which stands for knowledge, strength, and integrity.

KSI is also a boxer and it is thought that he will soon fight his business partner’s brother, Jake Paul.