1. Make the time

The problem:

My libido is non-existent and, frankly, I’m just too tired

The solution:

There’s a bulging bag of reasons why your libido could be flagging, including fatigue, boredom and low levels of testosterone, the male hormone that experts suspect may contribute to a woman’s sex drive, too. Whatever the cause—insomnia, working late, children— exhaustion is no aphrodisiac. All you want to do in your bed is sleep.

So how do you perk up your love life when you’re feeling anything but perky? According to leading experts, the solution is surprisingly simple, and starts with just making the time. Example? Planning for sex helps some couples re-engage with their intimate side. “Great sex doesn’t just happen; you need to make time for it because we all have busy lives,” says Newcastle-based clinical and forensic sexologist Vanessa Thompson from NSW Sexology Services. “Many of the best things in your life are planned for—after all, if you want to go to a great restaurant you phone ahead and make a reservation. Sex is no different, whether that means scheduling in a night or two for sex each week or simply spending more time with each other talking, kissing, hugging or helping each other in intimate ways.”

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Feb 1, 2013

7 Ways to Boost Your Libido

Libido missing in action? Get it back with our expert advice.

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