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    Posted Thu 24 Mar 2011 18:10
    What were they thinking going from A5 to A4.  I have been purchasing to this great magazine for over a year now and it has been so great my whole family and friends have been purchasing it but like me we are all bitterly dissappointed.  what Marketer with half a brain cell thought it would be a good idea to take it up to a standard size mag?? It was a great size that you could take with you in your handbag/on the train/on the plane but now its just like every other magazine and we're not morons, its obvious you have done it to fill it up with bigger more expensive advertising.  I pulled out 8 pages of ads that weren't backing on to articles out of the April one.

    the good news is that there is another magazine in the same convenient size called Australian Healthy Food and its only $4.95 which I wouldn't have even had the pleasure of reading as I WAS a loyal buyer to your magazine.  Pick it up today... its great.

    Oh and more research next time.....

    Very very unhappy.
    Jane Jacobson
    04 Feb 2011

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    Posted Mon 28 Mar 2011 11:10

    I think both sizes have their pros and cons. Sure the smaller size could fit in my handbag, but now I can relax and read the magazine with a cup of tea and not have to hold it open haha. And it's easier to find at the newsagents now!

    Well done to the Prevention team for continually putting out great magazines. Also I like the new look of the mag!

    - Jane
    16 Dec 2008

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    Posted Mon 04 Apr 2011 11:07
    I agree with very unhappy.  I will no longer be buying Prevention because of the new size. 

    I find it difficult to manage - it's just too big.  Beside the great content, one of the appeals of the mag was the size which I could easily tuck into my handbag and work bag and take with me.

    Not sure what research was done but they got it really wrong.  Most of my friends who also buy Prevention agree with me and will no longer buy it.

    Have been buying Healthy Food Guide also since its inception and will just stick to that now.


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    Posted Tue 03 May 2011 09:30
    The contents of the magazine are more important than the size and I love this mag. I find the new format easier to read and well set out.
    Natalie Filatoff
    04 May 2011

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    Posted Wed 04 May 2011 20:50
    Hi Dear Readers,

    Thanks for all your support in the past. I'm reading your postings with interest. I loved the smaller magazine size too—for the same reasons you give. It was special and it was a great go-anywhere fit. I love the new size for different reasons: it gives us more scope for dramatic visual treatments—which has always been a part of how we try to make the mag feel special for intelligent, healthy-lifestyle-committed women like you (it has to have impact, style and humour). Plus, as Jane so perceptively identifies ... it's easier to find at the bigger size. We were worried at the number of reports we had of readers unable to conveniently lay eyes on Prevention, in newsagents, convenience stores, and especially in supermarkets. So you're right, there was a commercial reality, as well as a visual perspective to our much-debated decision to go larger, but it had nothing to do with advertisers, who have also always been very supportive of our efforts to bring you the best magazine to reflect and adds to your healthy-lifestyle.

    I hope you continue to be a part of the Prevention community. I value your opinions and share your aspirations.


    Editor, Prevention
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