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  1. Seven reasons to eat chocolate

    Good news from the world of cocoa for those who need more justification for their cravings.

  2. What is National Prevention Week?

    All you need to know about National Prevention Week (NPW) - an initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the power of preventative health.

  3. What is healthy ageing?

    Healthy ageing is all about your wellbeing and your best self, despite those few grey hairs! Here's your how-to destination for feeling younger and stronger, for longer.

  4. Get a Better Butt Workout

    Your simple lower-body interval plan - just grab an elastic resistance band for this easy, at-home workout.

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Easy weight loss


  • A Better Butt in 60 Seconds

    A Better Butt in 60 Seconds

    Want to know the simple secret to a tighter and more toned butt? Turns out you don’t need to punish yourself in the gym.

  • Carrot and Pecan Spice Mini Muffins

    Carrot and Pecan Spice Mini Muffins

    This recipe makes for a tasty snack you can share with your friends and family.

  • Burn Fat In 8 Minutes

    Burn Fat In 8 Minutes

    Try our speedy routine to see a fitter, firmer body in just 2 weeks. Keep it up and drop a dress size!

  • 8 Must-Know Strength moves

    8 Must-Know Strength moves

    New to strength-training? Dumbell exercises are the fastest way to tone your entire body. These 8 essential moves will help you to drop...


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