Prevent your stroller from slipping on ice with this zip tie hack

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This TikTok parent’s genius zip tie hack prevents strollers from slipping on ice!

TikToker Autumn Grace (@honestlyautumn) is a busy parent and influencer who enjoys sharing parenting tips, tricks, and product recommendations. Recently, Grace shared a clever stroller hack for when you’re trekking on some slippery terrain, and it’s a winter-weather game changer!

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Grace’s video begins with footage from a video posted by The Daily Mail, where a couple in a park are trying to push their stroller up a path covered in ice.

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Walking backward, the mom pulls the front of the stroller while the dad pushes from behind.

But the couple’s stroller and sneakers are no match for the slick ice, as every step forward causes them to slide back down the steep path.

Before disaster strikes, the clip cuts to a shot of Grace whipping out a handful of zip ties. The caption “99% of parents don’t know about this. Try this instead” appears on the screen as the camera quickly pans to reveal a stroller wheel with several zip ties fastened around it.

The idea is that attaching zip ties to your stroller wheels can help give your stroller more traction on slippery surfaces.

Grace’s video drew praise from many parents who appreciated the cold-weather stroller hack.

“First-time mom-to-be and I live in the North. I appreciate this TikTok so much! Nothing’s going to stop us,” said one enthusiastic parent.

“I definitely am going to add these to my son’s stroller,” another parent mentioned.

“Wonder if that works on bicycle tires,” pondered one user.

“Not the snow tires for the stroller,” one viewer joked.

Regardless of what the weather is like where you live, you’ll definitely want to keep this stroller hack in your back pocket.

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