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'My butt has never felt better': The toilet paper 106,000+ shoppers love is still on sale!

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Toilet paper rolls
This toilet paper is so popular, it practically has its own fan club. (Photo: Getty)

I’m really picky about the type of toilet paper I use, and with good reason. A few years ago, I was actually injured by scratchy toilet paper and had to see a doctor over it — very long story.

But, thankfully, that traumatic experience has me buying the fluffiest stuff I can find, even though it’s not always the cheapest. I like to save money though, so when I noticed that Amazon has a bestselling brand of inexpensive toilet paper that people rave about in the reviews, I decided it was worth a look.

It’s called Presto, and it has more than 106,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars — kind of amazing for toilet paper. It’s also a great deal — priced at just $22 for 24 mega rolls today.

When you check out the reviews, you can see that people are straight-up obsessed with this toilet paper. Keep scrolling to find out why.

This long-lasting pack includes 24 mega rolls (112 regular rolls). Not to mention, if you’re not happy with the product, Amazon is happy to refund you within a year of purchase.
$22 at Amazon

One five-star reviewer wrote: “I pee about a million times a day and need sensitive toilet paper that lasts a long time and is cost-effective. I was intrigued to find out Amazon now had its own variety of toilet paper and I can say after giving it a try for two months, I am extremely impressed. I typically purchase Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, or Cottonelle...Amazon Presto has it all. One of these rolls lasts me at least two days and the material is super soft and absorbent.”

“My butt has never felt better,” says another satisfied shopper. “Think Charmin commercial with the bears rubbing the TP on their faces. It's that soft. Thick rolls lead to less used at every visit with John. Less used = lasts longer = money saved.”

Another five-star reviewer wrote: “Excellent quality toilet paper! This is going to be my go-to paper going forward. The quality is excellent and the price can’t be beat. It’s soft enough but not over the top to where it disintegrates. The toilet paper rolls are extremely large. Def give this a shot!”

Presto Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper (Photo: Amazon)
Your super-soft TP has arrived! (Photo: Amazon)

I decided to order Presto Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper and yeah, the reviewers weren’t exaggerating. This is hands-down my new favorite toilet paper. It’s soft and fluffy like more well-known brands, but much cheaper. Plus, the rolls are bigger and denser, yet it doesn’t clog the toilet.

The, er, bottom line? You’ll save wads of money by using this toilet paper, without sacrificing quality!

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