Pregnant woman's epic response to barista's 'unsolicited' jibe

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Pregnant woman's epic response to barista's 'unsolicited' jibe

A woman has revealed her amazing response to a barista who gave her unsolicited advice when she was making a coffee order.

The woman who goes by the name Jax on Twitter, took to her page to share the interaction she had with the Starbucks employee when she was six-months pregnant.

“Stranger at Starbucks: you know you should be drinking decaf when you’re pregnant,” Jax wrote.

“Me: I’m... not pregnant.

“Stranger: (horrified) I am so, so sorry!”

“And that’s what you get for giving unsolicited advice.”

Jax’s tweet has since been liked over 700,000 times by people who have been in the same situation or agree that nobody should ever presume their advice is warranted.

“It’s truly amazing to see how this has resonated with so many women around the world! I’m going to read this over a cup of coffee now. And to Starbucks Sally, wherever you are, thank you,” Jax said.

“A male coworker once said to me as I was eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries, You should eat something healthy, like a salad. I was vegetarian up until my 6th month, I literally hadn’t had McDs in 15+ years. I looked at him as I shoved it in my mouth and said SHUT UP ERIC,” one person said.

“I'm a curvaceous woman. Years ago I was walking into a store. A gentleman had an Agape Church table set up by the door. He said, "Congratulations on your pregnancy." I smiled broadly and said, ‘Oh no honey, that's just fat.’ Don't think I ever saw someone turn that red,” another person said.

Is coffee safe while pregnant?

Others sided with the barista, saying that perhaps she should listen and take the advice onboard.

“Funny because she’s just looking out for your baby’s health and you decide to embarrass her. Haha so funny,” one person said.

“That stranger does have a point and that unsolicited advice should be taken. Just sayin…,” another person said.

According to Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women, it’s recommended that pregnant women in Australia limit their caffeine consumption to one cup of strong, espresso coffee, a day - or the equivalent in tea or instant coffee.

“It is preferable to avoid double shots of espresso coffee and drinks which are marketed as sports and energy drinks,” they say, “In general decaffeinated drinks are a better alternative.”

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