Pregnant woman discovers her boyfriend is married

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s meant to be the happiest time in your life, but one woman’s joy at discovering she was expecting a baby with her partner soon turned to horror as it led to the revelation that he was actually married.

Taking to online forum Stay at Home Mum, the woman revealed she knew her partner had been married, but believed him when he said that he had split from his wife.

Finding out she was pregnant wasn’t the only surprise for the woman, who was then told her partner was still married.  Photo: Getty

“Just found out I’m pregnant to a guy I’ve been seeing for 12 months,” the woman wrote.

“He told me him and his wife were separated but living together separately for the kids but I’ve just found out this isn’t actually true.”

“He doesn’t want this baby and I have no idea what I want now, this wasn’t planned and I was on the pill.”

Asking for advice in a heartbreaking post titled “Why did you get an abortion and do you regret it,” responders flooded the woman with supportive comments, telling her to do what is best for her.

“You do what’s right for you, either choice you make, you will question if it was the right one, but don’t doubt yourself,” wrote one. “Be strong, you can do it, whichever way you decide.”

The woman took to a popular online advice forum for help. Photo: Getty

Others sympathised having been in similar situations themselves, revealing how they dealt with the difficult decision.

“I have and I was in a position that I could have easily raised another child,” explained another woman. “I imagined what it would be like bringing a child into the world where the father and his new partner didn’t want the baby to start with, I would be pregnant and alone watching him off being happy with his new life… I didn’t think I was strong enough for that. Sometimes I think about what would have been but have never once regretted it.”

“You really need to go talk to a counselor to help you work through your feelings,” advised another. “It’s a huge tough decision and don’t let [your partner] pressure you either way.

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