Pregnant woman's 'insane' demand infuriates dog owner

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
A pregnant woman has been slammed for her 'insane' demand - pictured is actress Jessica Biel whose character is pregnant in film, New Year's Eve. Photo: New Line cinema

The internet is no stranger to shocking pregnancy stories, and this one has certainly divided people online.

A woman named Jennay recently took to Facebook to ask others for advice after she was asked by a pregnant woman to change the name of her pet dog, so she could use the name for her unborn child.

To make things that bit more awkward, the women don’t even know each other that well, but it didn’t stop one from asking the other the unusual favour.

Writing on Facebook, Jennay said: “She says, ‘We want to name her Tillie but it’s come to my attention you have a dog named Tilly. I’d really appreciate you changing your dog’s name. Obviously you understand my daughter can’t have the same name as a dog’.

Photo: Facebook

“I’m like WTF,” Jennay revealed, explaining she told the other woman that it wasn’t necessary to change her dog’s name as the likelihood of her newborn bumping into her pet is rather slim.

But the other woman was not impressed.

“[She] says because I don’t have kids I don’t understand and I’m putting her in a terrible position and potentially ruining her unborn daughter’s life,” Jenny explained, adding she stood her ground and won’t be changing her dog’s name.

“Am I being unreasonable?” she then asked Facebook users, many of whom assured her she had done nothing wrong.

“I’d literally name every dog I ever have for the rest of my life Tilly. And I’d go a step further and tell her of my plan just to be petty,” one person replied.

Another wrote: “What the actual hell?! You are NOT in the wrong! My neighbour named their dog ‘Emma’ well after my Emma was born. I’d never dreamed of asking them to change their name. This is just insane!”

It looks like that woman could be barking up the wrong tree with her name change request.

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