Pregnant mum’s heartbreak after shock death of husband, 40

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A mum-to-be’s devastating loss has hit a nerve with observers online today after her story inspired hundreds to donate to a gofundme that has already raised $30,000.

Gemma Moriarty Brownson and her husband Nick Brownson met 15 years ago, and always dreamed of starting a family together.

Image of Gemma with husband Nick and son Huxley before Nick's sudden heart attack death
Gemma and Nick with their son Huxley before the devastating loss. Photo: gofundme

Like for many couples, the road to parenthood was not straightforward and it was a tricky and long process to welcoming their first baby Huxley.

Despite this, the pair apparently took to parenthood like ducks to water, and it wasn’t long before they and a surprised their loved ones with the announcement of baby two on the way, due January 2021.


Tragically, Gemma wasn’t going to have her picture-perfect second pregnancy and birth, after Nick suffered a heart attack out of the blue on Friday evening.

The story, shared by her friend Grace Le Messurier via the description of the gofundme page is for many the stuff of nightmares.

“On the eve of Halloween, Nick suffered a sudden and intense heart attack,” Grace explained in the lengthy description. “In the early hours of Halloween morning, Gemma was told that nothing could be done for Nick, and she was forced to say goodbye to him.”

Image of Gemma with husband Nick before Nick's death and gofundme success story
Nick suffered a heart attack suddenly on Friday, October 30. Photo: gofundme

“Nick and his family had just celebrated his 40th birthday in August.”

Gemma’s plight, alone and expecting a baby she would now care for alone, taking care of her toddler and coming to terms with the loss of her husband left many devastated, and more than willing to pitch in with a donation.

“Gemma has demonstrated a strength of character that makes it very clear that Huxley and the baby on the way are in good hands,” Grace writes in the touching text. “Gemma’s love for her children has doubled in size and, despite only being able to see their dad through photos and videos from now on, those children will never feel any less loved than if he was with them.”

She went ton to call on members of the community to ‘look after Gemma’. and help her manage costs so she can take time off and grieve with her family.

So far 286 people have helped raise a staggering total of $30,338 for the family, with the number growing by the hour.

Image of Nick Brownson with son Huxley before sudden death at 40
Nick was reportedly a doting dad, who will be sorely missed by his growing family. Photo: gofundme

Perhaps most heartbreaking is the description of doting dad Nick who was snatched away so suddenly from the life the pair had dreamed of for so long.

“Nick quickly became the kind of dad who was responsible for peels of laughter and cheeky smiles,” Grace wrote of the late dad. “Forever up to mischief together, Nick dreamed of teaching Hux about his love of camping and all things outdoors, and it became clear very early on that Hux was going to grow to become just like his dad.”

You can donate to Grace’s gofundme page here.

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