Worker pulls off ultimate Christmas prank on boss

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The epic prank resulted in a very christmasy. Photo: Twitter/ jothornely

A bold worker has the internet it stitches today after posting a hilarious prank she pulled on her boss when they called in sick.

Taking to Twitter, Sydney woman Jo Thornely shared a video exposing what may be the most ingenious prank of the year.

When her boss called in sick she knew she couldn’t resist the opportunity to give their office a little facelift in the spirit of the holiday season.

Wrapping paper prank

Taking to the craft cupboard, the worker decided to wrap every item in the empty office in festive gift wrap.

Every. Single. Item.

From the armchairs, to the desk, to the telephone, to the damn pencils, everything was a vivid shade of every bosses worst nightmare.

The paper itself was a striking red featuring an assortment of Christmas motifs including Santa, a tree and a reindeer, and the effect of the paper covering every inch of the office was striking to say the least.

How she pulled off the prank

If you’re wondering how the remarkable effect was pulled off, well so were we.

“My workmate Jo and I bought the cheapest (recyclable) paper we could find, started on the big things and worked our way down to the details." Jo Thornely tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

As for what the experience taught her?

"Wrapping office chairs is a bitch of a job, but utterly worth it,” she says.

Commentary online

The manager's pens were individually wrapped, in a testament to the prankster's dedication. Photo: Tjothornelywitter/

Shared via a video showing off the final product, the tweet attracted plenty of attention.

Almost 1000 users liked the hilarious video and plenty others bombarded Jo with their comments, questions and concerns.

“Whoever did this needs to start a profession gift wrap business!! Flawless,” one person admired.

“I hope you reuse or recycle all that wasted paper,” was a concerned viewer’s takeaway.

“This is a great work of art. How long did it take?” another wondered.

Safe to say a number of bosses will be reassessing that sickie the day after the Christmas party and plenty of employees will be stocking up on the gift wrap just in case.

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