1. 0:38

    Watch these tiny tots battle it out in a judo competition. Who will be the last toddler standing?

  2. 3:45

    "The Year With Robin Roberts" takes a look at the most famous births of 2013.

  3. 6:06

    Editor of Practical Parenting Genevieve Quigley and Author Sharon Witt join the panel to discuss...

  4. 5:33

    Practical Parenting's food & nutrition writer Louise Fulton Keats has a can't go wrong recipe for...

  5. 3:39

    What does it take to make your child a star? Editor of Practical Parenting Genevieve Quigley has...

  6. 0:38

    A tiger cub in the US plays with a tricky toddler dressed in a striped onesie.

  7. 2:44

    A 10-month-old baby has a surprising reaction to her mother singing a Rod Stewart classic.

  8. 3:23

    Food writer for 'Practical Parenting' Louise Fulton Keats whips up her super delicious and healthy...

  9. 2:12

    Health authorities are going to extraordinary lengths to make sure their children are vaccinated...

  10. 4:27

    Baby photographer Anne Geddes is now part of a new campaign to raise awareness of deadly...

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    Have you entered your little one into the Practical Parenting Cover Cutie competition for 2013 yet?