Three-year-old caught red (sprinkle) handed

February 15, 2013, 10:06 amYahoo!7

There is no way this little guy is about to confess to mum, despite having the evidence sprinkled all over his face!

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How could you get stern with this cute little face?In this video, posted on YouTube during the week, this cheeky three-year-old denies telling his mum that he found - and ate - the secret stash of sprinkles, even though he has been caught red-handed. It's lucky he's so cute or he could be in big trouble!As his mum said in the video footage: "He has an amazing imagination and loves to tell us stories. I saw this as a sweet moment, something that every child goes through, where they try to push the boundaries to see how far they can go."She added that when she stopped filming they had a good talk about the difference between truth and lies, and that he seems to be getting the message. What's the funniest porky-pie your little one has ever told? PP wants to know - leave us a comment below.

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