Have your friends or work colleagues organised a baby shower for you? If so, enjoy, (even though it can sometimes feel a little awkward to accept their generosity). Remember that this is as much for your new baby as it is for you, and it may be a while before you have the luxury of time to spend with your close friends, some of whom may become important figures in your baby’s life.

This is also a good time to check that you are getting everything together for the birth of your baby (baby checklist) – and for those hectice early weeks at home with a newborn.


Your baby weighs around 1.5 kilograms and measures around 40 cm. His head is still way out of proportion to the rest of his body, measuring around 8cm in diameter. He is growing fingernails this week – in fact, but the time he is born, his toenails and fingernails may already be long enough to need trimming. And he is now starting to accumulate fat under his skin, ready to keep him warm and protect him when he enters the world.

Photo: Fetus at 31 weeks
Scan provided by Sydney Ultrasound for Women

3rd Trimester Week by Week

Week 27
Week 28
Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32
Week 33
Week 34
Week 35
Week 36
Week 37
Week 38
Week 39
Week 40

1st Trimester
(Weeks 1-12)
2nd Trimester
(Weeks 26-40)

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