Ten ways to treat reflux in babies

Around 60 per cent of babies have some form of reflux during the first year of life. It can cause pain and discomfort for bub and leave you exhausted and searching for answers.

There are generally two main things behind reflux: an excessive amount of acid rising into the oesophagus along with stomach contents, or when the oesophageal lining thickens and becomes inflamed from an allergic response to foods such as egg, milk, soy, corn and wheat.

Babies suffering reflux are unsettled and will cry in pain - often when they lay on their backs for sleep or nappy changes. The most common times are between two and four months and again between six and eight months. They will sleep for only 20-30 minutes at a time during the day, they hiccup frequently and constantly swallow. They may vomit, but can also suffer silent reflux, when they swallow back down. Often suffering bubs are reluctant to smile and often have a worried look.

Photo by Getty Images Feb 25, 2013

Ten ways to treat reflux in babies

There is nothing worse than seeing your bub in pain or discomfort. So here are ten ways to treat reflux in babies before you resort to medication.

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    Unbelievable ! Finally some actually useful advice in Practical Parenting.