Pregnancy myths investigated

There are plenty of old wives’ tales out there and more than a fair share of them have to do with pregnancy - it seems there’s a bit of old-wife wisdom for every scenario! And while it’s certainly fun to wonder if that extra leg hair really does mean a baby boy or if the way you’re carrying has any bearing on your bub’s sex, if you’re interested to know what the official word is, we’ve delved into ten of the most common pregnancy old wives’ tales.

Photo by Getty Images Mar 27, 2014

Pregnancy myths and old wives tales

Superstitions and sayings abound when it comes to pregnancy. But is there any truth to those old wives’ tales?

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  1. Ipeealot05:04pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Has anyone asked a fatty when she is due, only to find out she is just a fatty?

  2. Mona04:45pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Any woman who needs to read this is way too dumb to have a child in the first place.

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  3. Jason04:43pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Stupid nonsense purely invented for this contrived article.

  4. Ipeealot03:05pm Sunday 30th March 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    It is no lie, when a fat woman gives birth, she gives birth to a fat kid, the kid growing in a fat environment occupies what it is, so its fat. I saw a woman eating 3 burgers during her pregnancy and her excuse was she was having twins.