pro bono for family case? urgent

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    09 Oct 2008

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    Posted Wed 05 Dec 2012 08:50
    i cant afford a lawyer i got quoted so much, even legal aid denied me, im a casual worker and paying of so much due to everything my ex had done to me, does anyone know any pro bono work that could do this case as im going crazy having my son so far away from me and me not having him.....
    28 May 2012

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    Posted Thu 07 Feb 2013 08:58
    There are a few lawyers about that can be approached to do pro bono work. I once was in a position of needing this so tongue in cheek I approached a local lawyer and asked if he would do a one off pro bono for a Family Court case. I offered him shared custody if he won - this helped lighten the ordeal of my request to him and he took it in good humour. He also agreed to help me as his giving back to the community. So ask around and see if anyone in your area knows of a good lawyer who works in the feild you need help in and make an approach. If this is a Family Court matter you are able to represent yourself and apply to have a support person attend court with you. On the FC website their are instructions on "how to" go about this. There are also community law offices who offer free advice and guidance in each city, womens centres and women's refuges who can give feedback on lawyers. A
    ll the best :):)

      ForumsGeneral Chatpro bono for family case? urgent