Did you know that LEGO® DUPLO® bricks can be built together more than 1000 times without losing their clutch power? And, did you know that LEGO DUPLO bricks are double the size of normal LEGO bricks, which make them perfect for smaller hands? With LEGO DUPLO toys, your little one will have hours of entertainment.

LEGO DUPLO toys have been specifically created for pre-school children aged between 1 ½ - 5 years old. In the precious years before school begins, a pre-school child can’t get enough of playtime. As a parent, you can make this time a valuable learning experience by helping your children unlock their creativity. If an activity is too easy for a pre-school child, it can become boring and if it’s too difficult, the task can become overwhelming and frustrating. LEGO DUPLO My First range finds the happy medium in between as it lets your child explore and investigate what is possible and – equally important – what is not. What will happen when these two shapes are put together? And how many bricks can be put on top of each other before they tilt over? As a natural part of growing into a fully fledged person that can walk, eat and talk, your child will playfully explore how everything works. LEGO DUPLO toys allow their imagination to take shape as they discover there are so many ways to play.

LEGO DUPLO toys can help your children learn about sharing and playing with others. Social interaction is an integral part of a child’s development as it teaches the pre-school child basic social skills and contributes to the creation of his/her identify as we learn about ourselves from the reactions of others. As your child grows and gets older, they become more observant to the people and places around them and often imitate grown-ups and real life. Educating your children about everyday life through imaginative role-play can be achieved with the LEGO DUPLO My First range. With real life scenarios like going to the zoo, feeding the animals on the farm or buying groceries at the supermarket, your child can play while learning about the basic but important rules and values of life.

There are four different play sets available in the LEGO DUPLO My First range; My First Zoo, My First Supermarket, My First Fire Station and My First Farm. Each set will provide hours of fun for your children to create, share and role play with LEGO DUPLO bricks and figurines. LEGO DUPLO toys are versatile, providing learning and play value for your child at an affordable price. Available from RRP $29.99 at all good toy retailers.

For more creative building ideas visit LEGO.com/DUPLO.

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