Living in the digital world can take its toll on our eyes, which is why it’s a good idea to stock up on Murine Tears (RRP $8.49) next time you’re shopping in the supermarket.

Staring at a screen all day and updating your Facebook profile between batches of computer work can easily dry out your eyes. A few drops of Murine Tears every now and then can quickly relieve dry eyes and get you back to the perky person you are in your social networks.

Your dry, tired eyes don’t have to mean you ignore your real world social life when you’re done with your computer. Keep a handy bottle of Murine Tears in your bag or desk drawer and wait for the drops to help relieve, cleanse and soothe irritated eyes as you go about your business.

Shopping in 2012 can be just as hard on your peepers. Matching your shoes to your handbags is one thing, but if you’re finding yourself matching the red of your purse to the red of your eyes, you probably need some Murine Relief (RRP $8.49).

Your tired eyes don’t need to stop you shopping if you pick up a 15ml bottle of Murine Relief and keep it in your bag. The special solution relieves and cleanses irritated eyes as you go about your business.

With a few drops of Murine Relief in each eye can provide relief from irritated eye. With Murine Relief at hand you can deal much better with smoke, air pollution, dust, wind, allergies, sun and swimming threatening your eyes. In fact, there’s no reason at all not to head out into the world and enjoy your shopping expeditions.

Available at your local supermarket or convenience store

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