Powderfinger shocks fans by announcing they're reuniting after 10 years

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Much-loved Australian band Powderfinger have stunned fans after announcing they're reuniting for their first performance in ten years.

According to The Daily Telegraph, frontman Bernard Fanning has said they're getting the "finger back together in our self-isolation time for the One Night Lonely concert', which will be streamed on May 23 via their YouTube channel.

Powderfinger has announced they're reuniting for a special live charity performance on YouTube. Photo: Getty

Fans have been keen to see the band get back together since they decided to call it quits in 2010.

Many people believed a reunion was on the cards when the band changed their profile pictures on social media.

The band revealed the idea came up while they were on a Zoom call while planning their 20th anniversary record for Odyssey No. 5, which is expected for release in the near future.

“In these meetings, we were chatting about the (online) performances we had all seen and then thinking about what could we do,” Bernard told the publication.

“Do we have a song we could release or something like that to contribute?

“A concert just kind of became the best idea and we liked it because it was really unusual, the idea of us actually reuniting without physically being in the same room.”

The musician also revealed that they will be supporting Beyond Blue and Support Act with the performance, which will be called One Night Lonely.

He revealed that while the main reason they first thought about doing the performance was simply to put a smile on people's faces, they thought it was a great opportunity to raise money for the arts and music industry.

“All the measures that have been put in place with Job Seeker and all those things, have completely missed the music industry, and arts workers in general, and we thought it was something that needed to be addressed and if there was a way we could help, then we would," Bernard said.

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