The postie photographing Skye on his rounds

A postman has been photographing the sights and scenery on his rounds in the west Highlands.

Declan Friel moved to Lochalsh from Glasgow last year and works in the Elgol area of Skye.

Whenever he has a moment to do so, he takes images of the life and landscapes he encounters.

Mr Friel said he had wanted a job in a rural community and felt lucky to find one in a beautiful area.

He said: "I really enjoy this job as it makes me feel a part of a community and the people of Elgol really accepted me as an Elgolian, even though I don’t actually live there."

Mr Friel added: "No two days are the same, whether it's saving a lamb with hypothermia from a ditch or it’s me and my van in a ditch.

"I don’t get as much time as I would like to take pictures on the round as it’s quite busy most days, but I still get to see some spectacular sights on the job."

The subjects for Mr Friel's photography include cattle and sheep on crofts, and some of Skye's famous mountains, including Sgùrr Alasdair.

He hopes to exhibit his photographs in the future.

When not taking pictures, the Royal Mail worker has been using his time on the road listening to podcasts to learn Gaelic.

He has also been picking up some phrases from his customers.