These post-baby instructions from 1968 are terrifying

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Photo: Facebook/<span>Micala Gabrielle Henson</span>
Photo: Facebook/Micala Gabrielle Henson

A list of post-baby rules written by a hospital in 1968 have gone viral on social media because they are, quite frankly, a little terrifying.

The strict set of instructions was shared to Facebook by a mum, before being quickly picked up and posted by multiple mummy groups and breastfeeding pages.

Apparently the list is how the hospital will “safeguard you and your baby”, but some of the rules are pretty bizarre, especially compared to how things are today.

A few of the most shocking include the times a mother is allowed to see her baby, with the not “Please do not ask to see baby at any other time”.

No one, including the father is allowed in the room during nursing times, which happen at strict intervals throughout the day for one hour at a time.

However the advice is to only let the baby breastfeed for 5 minutes the first two days, 7 minutes the next two days and 10-15 minutes on days four and five.

And if all of that wasn’t restrictive enough, you also had to forgo chocolate candy – no thanks – cabbage, strawberries, and the most random of them all green coconut cake, whatever that is.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

The old-school list quickly went viral with mums everywhere sharing their thoughts on some of the instructions.

“They lost me at ‘please do not ask to see baby at any other time’ like wtf you talking to? That’s mine,” one mum commented.

“I draw the line at ‘do not eat chocolate candy’. After dealing with gestational diabetes during my ENTIRE pregnancy, they would have had to pry my M&Ms out of my cold, dead hands.

“Is this why baby boomers are so angry,” another mum mused.

“I still think it’s a miracle anyone from that time successfully breastfed. These instructions are insane,” was another comment.

Modern breastfeeding guidelines are vastly different.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

For example, unless you or your baby has a medical condition that requires immediate attention, it’s important to spend a good few hours with your baby skin-to-skin directly after birth, and for most of the first day.

According to Motherly, for the first few days after birth you can expect your baby to nurse very frequently. There is absolutely no schedule yet.

You hear that? NO schedule!

After the first few days your baby will still nurse about 10 times in 24 hours, with most needing to nurse every two hours or so.

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