Popular TV presenter rocked by devastating news: 'Sad 24 hours'

Popular Channel 10 presenter Chris Bath is heartbroken after her father died following a number of devastating strokes.

Sharing the tragic news on Instagram on Wednesday, the veteran reporter shared a touching tribute to her father Donald, who passed away peacefully on Monday.

"My dad didn't want a funeral, didn't want the 'hoo ha', he said. At the risk of having him haunt me forever, which I wouldn't mind because I'd really like to have him around, I'm posting this because celebrating the dead is for the living, and there are so many people who will read this who also loved him," she said.

"Dad was a people person. He loved people and people loved him. He was one of those dads that all your friends loved, one of those magic people with a gift for effortlessly making other people feel good. He wasn't loud. Dad was just quietly, effortlessly funny, a larrikin energy tractor beam that drew in anyone in his orbit."

Chris Bath presenting the news on Channel 10.
Chris Bath shared a touching tribute to her dad on Instagram. Source: Twitter

Chris reminisced on how she would hang out with her dad in the garage learning to use tools, mow the lawn and wash the car.

"When dad had a stroke in 2009, it was a terrible shock," she said.

"Dad didn't smoke, didn't drink much (I probably drank more in a month at uni than dad drank in his lifetime) and was super fit.

"He was a really active grandfather, who was the light of his grandchildren's lives."


Chris said despite his stroke, he tried to make the best of his health.

"Dad somehow managed to make the best of the complete health s**t sandwiches he got dished up over and over and over again for almost 14 years to make other people smile," she said.

"The last sandwich served up a year ago was almost too much to bear. It forced dad into nursing home care, unable to speak or walk at all, but cruelly able to comprehend everything, and still, he found a way to make other people feel good."

Chris said she and her family were lucky to be able to say goodbye and tell him they loved him before he died.

"Not everyone gets that chance and we are grateful the universe finally threw him a bone."

Following the devastating news, her husband Jim Wilson told 2GB it had been a "sad 24 hours".


"I managed to spend some precious few hours with Don, as did the entire family, including his beautiful wife Maureen," he said.

Friends and fans flooded the comments of Chris' Instagram post, sharing their condolences.

GoggleBox star Yvie Jones commented she wished she'd known him.

"What a legend he sounded like," she wrote.

Channel 10 presenter Angela Bishop said it was a "wonderful tribute".

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