New 'Poozeum' displays record fossilised poo haul

Fossilised dinosaur faeces
[Getty Images]

A man who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of fossilised poo, has opened a museum showcasing his treasures.

The museum in Williams, Arizona - aptly called Poozeum - boasts it houses thousands of fossilised faeces including one of the largest ever found.

Founder George Frandsen says he was motivated by the "glaring absence of coprolite [fossilised poop] representation" in museums.

Poozeum was originally founded in 2014 as a virtual resource centre, but opened its doors at a permanent location last month.

Mr Frandsen's foray into coprolite hunting arose after he first saw one as a teenager in a rock and fossil shop in Utah, having already been fascinated by fossils as a child.

"Instantly, I found it both hilarious and fascinating," he said, which sparked his "curiosity" to learn all he could about them.

In an interview with Guinness World Records, the collector said he realised they were "prehistoric time capsules" into the lives of ancient creatures.

Mr Frandsen has held the record since 2015, when his coprolite collection's official count was 1,277. Nearly a decade later, his collection stands at 8,000 pieces, and includes dinosaur coprolites.

Barnum, world's largest coprolite from a carnivore, is part of the collection
Barnum, world's largest coprolite from a carnivore, is part of the collection [Getty Images]

Realising the lack of them on display, he created a travelling exhibition and donated it to museums across the country.

The temporary exhibits were met with an "enthusiastic response" and highlighted the need for a dedicated space where they could be displayed, he said.

"This realisation ignited my resolve to establish a permanent home for the collection, allowing my vision for the Poozeum to be fully realized and appreciated by all," he explained to Guinness.

Earlier this year, the 45-year-old quit his job in a healthcare company - where he had worked for 14 years - to see his dream of opening a poo museum come to fruition.

Having accumulated specimens over the years, he now concentrates on finding the "most incredible pieces in the world”.

Among the fossilised finds, is "Barnum", the largest coprolite found that belongs to a carnivore, which measures at 67.5cm.

Poozeum is "one of a kind", Mr Frandsen said, and is free as he believes "financial constraints should never hinder anyone from experiencing the wonders" within.

“Initially, many people react with a ‘yuck’ face or laughter when they first hear about the Poozeum," he said, adding their reactions shift to shock after witnessing the collection.