Pole dancer's 10 metre fall sparks $20k fundraiser

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Genea is recovering from the fall with the help of a Gofundme. Photo: Instagram/genea_sky

An exotic dancer has found herself the recipient of over $20k in donations after a video of her brutal fall on stage went viral.

Genea Sky, as she is known online, was performing her usual strip routine at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, Texas, when she slipped from a significant height on the pole, slamming her head on the stage floor.

Stills from video show Genea falling from the pole, landing on her side. Photo: Twitter

Two uncomfortable video shows the dancer slip and fall on her side, reeling back to slam her head from the impact.

The second video shows the Texan brush off the painful moment, continuing to dance on the floor, even going up into a headstand, seemingly fine after the horrendous fall.

It turns out however, she was not fine.

In a video posted to Twitter after the video racked up over 20,000 likes, the dancer explained the situation struggling not to cry on camera, and saying she was ‘grateful to be alive’.

“I pretty much broke my jaw and I have to have surgery on it tomorrow, and I broke some teeth and I got a sprained ankle but aside from that I’m good, I have no broken limbs I walked away myself,” she explained.

“I’m so grateful for all the messages I’m receiving and all the love it really means a lot,” she goes on.

“I am having a hard time but I’m ok.”

Genea thanked fans in a heartfelt video. Photo: Twitter/ Genea_Sky

Now a fundraiser set up by a friend is going off online, with the video’s 20k likes almost matched to the dollar by concerned onlookers who are determined to help Genea out as she recovers.

So far with $25,387 raised in less than 24 hours, the initial goal of $20,00 has been blown out of the water and only looks to keep rising.

Genea reveals injuries and thanks

Genea took to social media to share more information. Photo: Instagram/genea_sky

Posting again to Twitter Genea shared her thanks with the online community who rallied together.

“I wish I could individually respond to each person but my phone has been flooded all day. So thank you to EVERYONE who has reached out & continues to do so,” she wrote in an emotional tweet.

A fellow dancer from the same club clarified on Twitter that the pole Genea fell from is 50 feet tall, or about 15 metres.

Given she fell about two-thirds of the way up, Genea’s fall was about ten metres, a huge drop by any stretch.

She was left with a fractured jaw, broken teeth and a sprained ankle, and today is in surgery for her jaw.

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