Poker Face red carpet: Aussie stars reveal their 'biggest gambles'

Aussie stars revealed their 'biggest gambles' on the red carpet of Stan's new film, Poker Face.

Video transcript

MARNI DIXIT: Hi, I'm Marni Dixit here for Yahoo Lifestyle and we are at the Sydney premiere of Stan's "Poker Face."


BENEDICT HARDIE: The biggest gamble I've ever taken in life is choosing to be an actor. Terrible idea. Don't do it. You--

MARNI DIXIT: Wouldn't do it again?


No security, no stability. No, I'm so lucky. I've had, actually, a pretty charmed life. I've had a great career and I get to work with amazing people. Like, this is my second time being directed by Russell Crowe. Like, I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

MOLLY GRACE: My uni degree. Picking my-- picking my major. That was a huge gamble. I ended up choosing human rights because it's like a passion, but it was definitely like a huge gamble between if I do acting at uni or if I study human rights and do acting on the side. I picked human rights, which was a huge gamble, but it paid off because acting on the side has been amazing, obviously. Here I am, so--


MARNI DIXIT: It's sort of paying off.

MOLLY GRACE: Yeah, it's been really good. I'd say that's the biggest gamble.

OMAR: Probably going first on the auction order. It's not one that we took, but we got put in that position and we didn't know how it was going to end up, so that was--

Oz: Choosing Omar to be my partner.


OMAR: Yeah. there you go. He won, so--

Oz: No, no, I'm joking. I'm joking.

DAMON HERRIMAN: I suppose going over and-- selling everything and going over to the States when I was 29, which actually was, at the time, a gamble that failed because that particular trip was a disaster and I-- and I'd sold everything, I'd said goodbye to all my friends, and, yeah. That would probably be it, and it didn't pay off at all. And then I went back years later and it sort of worked out OK, but that particular gamble was not great.

CARLOS SANSON JR: Going to drama school. Yeah.

MARNI DIXIT: That paid off.

CARLOS SANSON JR: I think so. What do you think?

YANNICK SAMARASINGHE: Oh, probably going on "Love Triangle."


I mean, I actually love playing poker so I played a lot of poker in Vegas, actually, so I'm really excited for tonight's movie. But yeah, probably going on "Love Triangle" definitely was probably the biggest gamble I've taken for sure.

DANIELLE SPENCER: Getting married. Getting married and having children, I would say, because that is the biggest life-changing event of anybody's life, I think.

ROXY JACENKO: My husband.


Oh, you know what? I guess starting a business at 24. You know, that was a major gamble because people were like, you can't do it, you've got no training. And you know what? Retired at 42 and I did it.