Plus-size Instagrammers recreate Meghan and Harry's outfits

Maggie Parker

You don’t have to be thin, rich - or royal, for that matter - to look and feel like a prince or (soon-to-be) princess. Just ask plus-size influencers Katie Sturino and Ryan Dziadul.

The duo recently recreated one of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ensembles, and the result is inspiring in so many ways.

Katie, founder of the 12ish style blog, and Ryan, founder of Extra Extra Style, frequently team up to recreate famous photos, but this one takes the cake, or should we say crown?

Katie and Ryan even have the poses down pat. Photo: Instagram/the12ishstyle

They both shared photos of their work on Instagram, posting side-by-side images of the royal couple and themselves rocking near-identical outfits.

The looks they chose were worn by Meghan and Prince Harry on Commonwealth Day, for her first official appearance with Queen Elizabeth.

The actress was wearing a navy-blue dress and long cream coat by Amanda Wakeley, topped with a matching cream beret by Stephen Jones. On her feet, she wore navy pumps.

Katie found pieces similar to Meghan’s, including a Rachel Roy coat and an ASOS hat, creating an approachable version of the high-end outfit.

The prince wore a navy-blue suit with a maroon tie, and Ryan did the same. The pair even had the royal poses down pat, proving even civilians can reach the style levels of royalty.

Katie asked Ryan to help imitate the royals a few months ago. Photo: Instagram/extraextrastyle

It was a few months ago that Katie enlisted Ryan to recreate their first royal look - Harry and Meghan’s first appearance together after announcing their engagement.

“They’re a couple the whole world is watching. They’re young, they’re stylish, and I’ve never met them, but they seem like fun,” Ryan tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Katie’s also taken with Meghan’s style solo; she once proved that double denim can look good on anybody, especially when topped with a camel peacoat like Meghan’s.

“Who doesn’t have royal fever right now?” Katie tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “The world can’t get enough of this couple, especially Meghan’s style choices.”

She also recreates Meghan's looks solo. Photo: Instagram/femeworld

She’s right - the Meghan Markle effect is in full swing.

“Meghan and Harry have the world’s resources at their fingertips - from money to stylists to trainers. But that doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on style,” Ryan explains. “Regular people, and plus-size people, deserve to look and feel like royalty too.”

Katie says Harry and Meghan represent one “of the most attractive couples in the universe right now.”

“And if you don’t happen to fit their body-type profile, it’s nice to see that these looks can translate to any size.”

“I think we’re so conditioned to seeing celebs and famous people looking a certain way (aka thin!) that people are psyched to see another interpretation of their style,” Ryan adds.

She also models other celeb looks. Photo: Instagram/curveyors

Katie feels this way about all public figures, which is why her #SupersizeTheLook project exists. She recreates outfits worn by celebs on a regular basis, and she always hits it out of the park.

Some of her most successful recreations include Amal Clooney in her red dress and camel coat and a golden Beyoncé ensemble.

And she doesn’t steer clear of models just because of their slender frames. With the help of fellow plus-size women, she’s nailed the looks of Gigi, Kendall, and Bella.

“Celebrities have access to a whole team of people telling them how to look good, so in general, they are supercurrent on trends and styles, and we’re lucky to have them as a resource!” she says.

“However, many people think they can’t pull off so-and-so’s style. I’m just trying to let women know that style has nothing to do with size.”

Katie and Ryan stress you can be stylish at any size. Photo: Instagram/the12ishstyle

“It’s kind of hard to find things in my sizes for many of the celebrities I supersize,” she shares. Luckily, Meghan’s style is easy to mimic, no matter what your size.

“She chooses classic pieces and mixes them in a refreshing and updated way.”

But even when she’s not trying to dress like a celebrity, shopping isn’t so simple; she describes herself as a “size 12ish in a size 2 world.”

“I’m certainly used to having a hard time finding clothing in my size - it’s why I started my blog,” Katie says.

“To share my tips and tricks with women who have to scour the internet for the closest thing that seems to be readily available for anyone who is above a size 4.”

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