Plenty of mums will relate to Carrie Bickmore's post about morning sickness

Olivia Morris
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Carrie Bickmore announced the happy news she is pregnant with her third child last week.

But along with her pregnancy has come a seriously difficult bout of morning sickness, and we’re sure many mums will relate.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram to share a photo of herself right beside the toilet, clearly not feeling too good.

“Morning sickness. I thought it would have past by now but it’s not going away,” she captioned the photo.

The Project presenter made a good point as to why it was called “morning sickness when it can be 24/7”.

“Relentless. If I am hungry I feel sick, if I eat I feel sick, if I sleep I feel sick,” she added. 

Coffee, healthy food,  water and pregnancy tablets don’t seem to be sitting well with the host, but apparently chips are a-okay.

Following her pregnancy announcement last week, Carrie further detailed her struggle with morning sickness on her Hit Network radio show Carrie & Tommy.

Along with the happy news of Carrie Bickmore’s pregnancy, a difficult bout of morning sickness has joined. Source: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

“Until this week I felt so sick – 24 hours a day, like, I mean so sick,” she said. “I didn’t even have the energy to work out… to get my head around what was happening.”

However, she revealed she was starting to feel “50 per cent better”.

But it seems that may not be the case given Carrie’s recent post on social media.

Carrie announced on Thursday via Instagram she was pregnant with her third child. Source: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Carrie announced last Thursday via Instagram she was pregnant with her third child.

The much-loved presenter recorded a sweet video with her family (watch it above).

In the clip, her 11-year-old son Oliver – whom she had with her late husband Greg Lange – is seen telling younger sister Evie that the family unit is expanding.

“We’re having a baby,” he tells the three-year-old, who can’t contain her excitement.

“Mummy’s having a baby, there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy!” Carrie adds.

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