Pisces Daily Horoscope – October 09 2019

Are you ready to be Mercury retrograded?…

We are now in the countdown to the start of the new Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. So to celebrate my new Mercury Retrograde book, here’s a short video about why you should definitely EMBRACE Mercury retrograde AT LEAST as much as you worry about it! It’s here.

Your Daily Forecast

Topics including travel and study may begin to open up for you as Venus joins curious Mercury in your 9th house. This may mean watching for signs of possibility and potential around what piques your interest and the ways in which the world opens up for you now. Venus here can feel like a really lucky phase through until early November. Overseas connections either online or in real life may open up avenues for you that you never thought possible, bringing meaning and purpose to your life. A curious attitude now could change your life.

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