Pisces Daily Horoscope – June 11 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in about one week from now.

Mercury will be retrograde in your 5th House in the very near future, sp you’re going get a chance to have a rethink about situations involving children, creativity and light‑hearted romance. Don’t panic if you’re currently experiencing delays or confusion connected to one or all of these subjects, we are in the shadow period. For example, if your partner wants a child and you’re not so sure, or vice versa, this is the time the subject could come up. Or maybe one of you has children from a previous relationship and there are issues to deal with. Or maybe you’re rethinking an entire romance. It’s a good time to do that! Creatively, it could be you’re working on something and you’re not sure whether to redo it or scrap it and just start over. Wait before you decide. In other cases, you and your partner seem to be missing each other’s mark. Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.