Pisces Daily Horoscope – July 12 2020

Yasmin Boland
·2-min read

Overall, there are two important things to remember this week.

The first is that we are now out of the eclipse season – they are over for another six months, done and dusted.

As you might have noticed, the past few weeks have been pretty crazy the world over. That was thanks to the fact we had not one, not two but the three eclipses in a row, followed by yet more planetary intensity.

Having this kind of intense energy would be a lot any time but following hot on the heels of months of lockdown, it was a bit like letting the genie of the bottle.

Have the good news is that we are now out to the other side. The question is, what are we left with?

If you have decided in the past few weeks and months that your life needs changing from the inside out, then you have made the most of the madness of 2020. If you’ve decided you want to shed the old you and come into this new cycle as someone quite different, with changed habits and altered viewpoints, then you have made the most of the start of 2020. If you have realised what’s no longer working in your life and you’re willing to jettison it, again, you have “won lockdown”.

Note that the we are now about half-way through the year and half-way through a cycle which has three major and rare planetary alignments between Jupiter (the planet of lots of) and Pluto (the planet of transformation).

How we are a race decide to use this time dictates what happens next. Either way, this story we are in now doesn’t finish until November/December time when we will get our report card.

On the upside, as of this week, we’re moving towards a more inspiring time. If you know how to meditate, join the circle of lightworkers around the world meditating regularly for the greater good of all humans everywhere and for our planet! Let’s turn this thing around!

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