Pisces Daily Horoscope – 17 June 2024

You have just emerged from a cycle during which time you were required to think long and hard about your home life, where you want to live and how to sort things out with your family. But now it’s all change! And the good news is, it should be a change for the better which should leave you feeling happier and more open to fun opportunities. You’re moving into a new cycle where life should feel more amusing, where you can see the funny side more easily, and where pleasure is on your mind. The part of your chart being stimulated now is the part where you (a) enjoy yourself and (b) express yourself. If you’ve been a little bit too much of a stay-at-home in recent weeks, now is the time to get your Fun Hat on again. Some of you will have had a lot of very heavy thinking to do in the past month or so – hopefully you have drawn all the conclusions you needed to and can now start to enjoy yourself and your thoughts a little more. Anyone with a creative project going can expect the juices to start flowing. In all your relationships, you will find it much easier to get along with others simply as you will find it easier to express yourself lightly but clearly.
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