Pippa Middleton narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction

Gillian Wolski
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Oops! Pippa Middleton experienced an unexpected wardrobe malfunction at Wimbledon on Friday. Photo: Getty Images.

Pippa Middleton, 35, has experienced everyone’s worst nightmare while attending Wimbledon on Friday - she had a very public wardrobe malfunction!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister was clearly caught off guard by a gust of wind while walking into the the men's semi-final round hand-in-hand with her husband, James Matthews.

A (near) royal flash

The unexpected breeze blew open the front of her wrap dress to expose a lot of the mum-of-one’s upper thigh - and very nearly her undergarments as well.

Pippa managed to avert further disaster by quickly pulling down the side of her frock which she then held in place with her left hand for the remainder of the journey to her seat.

She wasn’t quick enough to beat the paparazzi, however, who snapped the magazine columnist’s fashion mishap.

Regardless, the British socialite remained cool, calm and collected throughout the nerve-wracking moment and appeared to enjoy the remainder of the match.

Hello, there! Pippa scrambles to catch a fly-away hem on the way into the Wimbledon mens semi-finals. Photo: Getty Images.

A royal remedy

Pippa may have wished she’d taken some advice from her older sister Kate when it came to her printed wrap dress by Danish label Ganni.

Female royals reportedly have a nifty trick up their sleeves for keeping skirts and dresses from flying up and causing a potentially embarrassing situation.

It’s said that they have small lead weights sewn into their hemlines to ensure everything stays in its proper place.

Kate's younger sister managed to get her wardrobe malfunction under control. Photo: Getty Images.

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